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Hey Again! =]

And here we go again!

Today, I 'm completing three months in Belo Horizonte is a long history, but I simplificading for you, I was living in Goiânia a Capital of state Goiás, in Brazil, is a nice city but a little poor in oportunities for new tecnologies, is not impossible but is hard find a job people work with Nodejs, JS, Ruby or React, Ember, Angular and other languages and frameworks, i love Goiânia, but is true, sorry guys ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I moved on from Goiânia , and I living BH, its a form I call Belo Horizonte, is more simple rsrs so here, in BH I work in Lett insights a little big startup rsrs, i love the place, I like the people, is very cool, and I love this city, BH, is more spensive but is great place and I have good neighbors and i maked good friends, the street on i live, exist a lot good restaurants, japanese food, hamburguers and pizza's I miss a place just like a coffee shop but its ok! Today I 'm pass my day studing and building a setup for a new project for my cousin, I will build a site in PHP for the offices lawyers, its very nice code a site again, my plans for this next days is build this site, study for Mongodb University, study more, go out with my new friends and talk more with you guys!

I will try, is no promise, but I will try post one blogpost for day so... See you soon! =]


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